Membership Prices


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Gym + Squash: One Month Trial



Gym (includes squash/ racketball free of charge)


Full Gym

£299 per year *Pay now and receive a £25 Amazon Voucher

£29.90 per month (standing order, no contract)


Student Gym (16 to 24 year olds)

£185 per year

£18.50 per month (standing order, no contract, requires 3 months payment upfront)


Squash/ Racketball 


Full Squash

£205 per year

£20.50 per month (standing order, no contract)


Daytime Member (last court 4.40pm Mon - Fri, anytime weekends)

£120 per year 


24-30 year olds

£130 per year

£13 per month (standing order, no contract)


16-23 year olds

£90 per year


Under 16

£70 per year


Under 12

£50 per year


Under 8 

£30 per year


Family Discount

As a family friendly club that provide activities for 3-80 year olds, we offer a fantastic family discount for members living within the same household. This discount applies to all memberships, but cannot be used in conjunction with other onsite membership discount. 


2 family members = 10% discount

3 family members = 15% discount








We are a Gold Standard Club

England Squash


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