Classes at Abbeydale

Great to be exercising outdoors with other actual human beings over the last fortnight!

Outdoor classes have begun!

From 12th April, classes will be £5 per session for members and £7 for non-members, to be paid in reception on card before the session begins.


Monday 6pm: Rebuild with Paddy


Wednesday 11am: Move Well with Ashley


Wednesday 6pm: HIIT with Will


Friday 11am: Move Well with Helen


Friday 6pm: S & C (strength and conditioning) with Sam


We are now taking details for new-member inductions, for week beginning 12th April onwards. Go to 'Join Us' to submit details or email


More information below class details.


REBUILD with Paddy. Monday 6pm


Rebuild awareness, balance + control. After time out from exercise, it is important not to go ‘too hard too soon’. Increasing volume too abruptly can be a risk factor for injury. Rebuild will look to coach you through movement patterns and establish the basic foundations. Plenty of time will be spent on the ground, stabilising the core whilst exploring ranges of motion and transitions. Over time, moving more efficiently will make you stronger and in a position to try more advanced movement combinations!

MOVE WELL with Ashley. Wednesday 11am


The aim of this class is to encourage good quality movement across a range of movement patterns. Good quality movement will not only greatly improve the effectiveness of your exercise, but it will also improve your movement in your daily activities; whether that be sitting down in a chair, reaching up into a cupboard, or carrying bags of compost across the garden. Learning good posture across multiple movements involves improving stability and mobility across different areas of the body. The exercises required to do this can be challenging, but very rewarding once you see the benefits! 

HIIT with Will. Wednesday 6pm


Although HIIT is known for being High Intensity Interval Training, these sessions will begin by being ‘Higher’ rather than ‘HIGH!’ The reason being, many of us aren’t in peak conditioning after the lockdown layoff and need to build up intensity gradually. That said, you can still expect to get a ‘sweat on’ in these classes, as multiple rounds are performed to test your efficiency of different movement patterns, targeting all areas of the body. Designated intervals of Intensity Vs Recovery create overload and over time develop your strength, power, fitness and stamina. It is important we don’t go into HIIT with any injury concerns.

MOVE WELL with Helen. Friday 11am


Join Personal Trainer Helen for a fun and challenging Friday workout at YOUR pace.  We’ll work through mobilising hips, ankles and upper backs and stabilising lower backs and knees, we’ll switch on core muscles in ways you may not have done before and challenge you to experience new and varied movement patterns to make you more adaptable for life!   Expect to receive tuition and guidance on technique and to LEARN more about your body.  Build confidence in what you can do, create better balance and become more resilient. All within added boost of the camaraderie and motivation of small group training.

S&C with Sam. Friday 6pm


Strength & conditioning by definition is the process of improving performance whilst reducing the risk of injury. S&C with Sam will help you to:

- Jump higher & land safely

- Accelerate quicker and stop safely

- Change direction more efficiently 

- Produce more force in your relevant sporting action (hit, throw, kick etc).

The 45-55min sessions will adhere to all Covid regulations, with social distancing and cleaning stations in place for any handling of equipment.


The classes will take place between the pavilion and the main rugby pitch at Abbeydale Sports Club (from the car park, there is a ramp up to the pitch). To minimise the amount of equipment instructors have to take over from the club, we are asking attendees to help if possible, by bringing their own mat and kettlebell, dumbbell or resistance band: team effort! (But no problem at all if you don’t have them). Even though spring is just about here, we suggest you bring layers as there is still that evening chill in the air!


We require you to fill out a health declaration form before attending your first class, so we know about any injuries or issues and to give us a ‘heads up’ on your current physical activity levels. All sessions must be pre-booked by emailing 


Please book early to avoid disappointment as we will be offering spare slots to non-members. Although we aren’t doing the classes in block-booking format, we do encourage people to attend successive sessions in order for instructors to build on things coached in previous sessions and to get to know how you move / your capacities. 


Feel free to ask any questions and get booking!


NB There won't be any classes on Good Friday, but will be on Easter Monday, here is the timetable for the FREE sessions to members: 


Monday 29th March 6pm: Rebuild with Paddy

Wednesday 31st March 11am: Move Well with Ashley 

Wednesday 31st March 6pm: HIIT with Will  

Friday 2nd: NO CLASSES

Monday 5th April 6pm: Rebuild with Paddy

Wednesday 7th April 11am: Move Well with Ashley 

Wednesday 7th April 6pm: HIIT with Will  

Friday 9th April 11am: Move Well with Helen

Friday 9th April 6pm: S&C with Sam

Thanks for your time. We are nearly there!


Box 4 Fitness is temporarily on hold here at Abbeydale, but it will hopefully be reintroduced in the summer, subject to Gov guidance. Thanks  





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