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Gym Team

Hi guys my name is Lizzy!

I have recently finished a master’s degree in Strength & Conditioning Coaching following my undergraduate degree in Sport & Exercise Science. As a strength & conditioning coach I’ve worked with many athletes from a variety of different sports including; Rowing, Athletics, Netball, Gymnastics Basketball, Football and Rugby.

Last year I was lucky enough to secure a placement with Sport Wales as a Strength & Conditioning intern, off the back of this I secured the role of assistant Strength & Conditioning coach of the Under 18 female lacrosse team.

I have also recently published my first series of articles with UK Coaching titled ‘Coaching Female Athletes to Benefit Female Athletes.’ Discussing the challenges of coaching female athletes and presenting strategies top overcome these.

I take a holistic approach to coaching by looking at the person as a whole alongside their aims in the gym. I value the use of strength training in everyone’s lives and aim to show everyone I coach the benefits of exercising in whatever capacity best fits them!

I look forward to seeing you all in the gym, feel free to ask any question or just come over for a chat!

MSc Strength & Conditioning Coaching 

BSc (1st Hons) Sport & Exercise Science

Level 2 fitness instructing

Level 2 Strength & Conditioning   

Level 2 British Weightlifting award

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