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Fitness Classes

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Fitness Classes

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Fitness Classes

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Last April we introduced a timetable of in-house classes, FREE to members of ASFC. There are a selection of activity types programmes, so there will hopefully be something for everyone! We want to boost fitness levels, help people move better and feel great!

Monday 6 - 7pm Box 4 Fitness with Paddy.


Fun Padwork drills, conditioning, core and bodyweight exercises that will leave you buzzing. No experience necessary.

Tuesday 9:30 - 10:30am Movement Circuit with Paddy.


Focused on core and balance, movement circuits targets building key aspects of fitness including agility, stability and strength. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Tuesday 6.30-7.15pm HIIT Class - studio.

A range of different exercises each week, from Circuit Training, HIIT and Bodyweight. This class will purposely be set to be fun, energetic and will aim to strengthen and tone your muscles from head to toe! Perfect for those that want to get their summer holiday bodies ready, to lose weight or simply improve their fitness levels. 

Wednesday 10.30-11.30am. Move Well with Helen - studio.

A fun and challenging workout at YOUR pace.  Work through mobilising hips, ankles and upper backs and stabilising lower backs and knees, switch on core muscles in ways you may not have done before. Experience new and varied movement patterns to make you more adaptable for life!  Expect to receive tuition and guidance on technique and to LEARN more about your body.  Build confidence in what you can do, create better balance and become more resilient.

Thursday 10-11am Pilates with Sallyann - studio.

Sessions based on the original 34 excercies from founder Joseph Pilates. Each exercise has a beginner, intermediate and advanced option. Members have full agency and ownership of where their class takes them and meets their needs, that particular day. 

Thursday 11.15am - 12.15pm Yoga with Sallyann.

A blended practice of traditional Breathflow Vinyasa and Hatha. Sallyann's classes are suitable for all abilities, as there are progressions and modifications.

Thursday 6 - 7pm Freestyle with Paddy.

FREESTYLE, involves catch, throw, balance and accuracy games, alongside fitness and circuit stations. It really doesn't matter if yout hand-eye-coordinaiton isn't crazy sharp, this is about having whilst getting fit... double whammy!

Friday 10.45 - 11.45am Dance with Nic.


Grab your dancing shoes (even if they are two feet) and get in that Friday feeling! An aerobic dance class that will leave you uplifted and energised. Expect singalong classics from the 80's amongst other fun favourites.

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