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Patrick Orange

Club Manager

Hello! My name is Paddy I am Club Manager here at Abbeydale. Along with the day to day running of the Club, I am involved in 1 to 1 sessions with members and group exercise classes. I love to run, climb and box in my own time. The last few years have seen me focus on movement patterns and how we can develop awareness of our bodies capacity. The journey of improving limitations or asysmmetries through assessment and then consistent application of fundamental principles is a problem solving process. Coming from this angle will hopefully reduce the risk of injury and takes long term joint health into consideration. It is rewarding to introduce people to these principles and help them establish control of segments of their body, while mobilising other areas. I also encourage people to consider movement as just one pillar of health, all the pillars being integral to our overall wellbeing: Movement / Nutrition / Mindset / Rest / Community. Small steps in each of these areas can lead to big changes and growth over time. Book in for a session!

BA (1st Hons) PE

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 1 England Boxing Coach

TRX / Hatton Boxing Fitness qualified

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